How does ThriveRooms keep your employees Happy in the Workplace, Satisfied, Grateful, Focused, Connected, Productive and Inspired, in less than 10 minutes a day

It’s all about one of the most powerful principles for productivity and success, best described in the quote below:

“How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day, is how you live your life.” (Louise Hay)

Whatever your employees do in the morning, as soon as they start working, matters!

A lot!

So you’d better make sure they do things that help them start their days right and set themselves up for a productive and successful day?!

If your answer is yes, here is my list of the 7 key elements to include in your morning routine:

(having a morning routine based on these elements helped me become an entrepreneur and achieve $1 million in ARR in my first business)

1. Connection.

Start your day connected.

Every human being lives their lives with a powerful desire to be loved, liked, with a powerful need to belong, to socially connect with others.

When you start your day by satisfying your need for connection you increase your positive energy, you boost your mental capacity and improve the quality of your life.

So, don’t do your morning ritual alone, in isolation – it’s less enjoyable, less productive and you have higher chances to quit.

Instead, do your morning routine together with other inspired, like-minded entrepreneurs.

Action: Get yourself in a small, efficient and powerful team of 6 thrivers (you + 5), meet online for 10 minutes each morning, and go through the actions below.

This way, you’ll make sure that you’ll insert the next 6 elements of the perfect morning ritual in your own morning routine.

2. Joy.

Start your day with a good laugh.

Laughing automatically puts you in a Good Mood (because your brain releases endorphins – the happiness hormone).

Starting your day in a good mood exponentially increases the chances that you will have an amazing day (because you are more creative, you find solutions to problems easier and you see more opportunities).

Action: in the beginning of your morning meeting, read a funny joke / watch a funny meme, or watch a short funny video.

3. Wisdom.

Start your day with Mind Expanding insights.

Join us to Start your days right and set yourself up for SUCCESS!

“The mind that only feeds with itself becomes shortly malnourished, weakened and incapable to produce creative and progressive thoughts!” (Plato)

Expand your mind with the thoughts, wisdom and Insights of the greatest minds in the world!

Action: after you have read the funny joke or watched the funny video / meme, now read a quote or an insight and get exposed to the ideas of the most intelligent, inspired and wise human beings of all times.

4. Gratitude.

Start your day being grateful.

Your Brain can only Focus on one perspective at a time – positive or negative.

When you practice Gratitude you hack your brain and force it to focus on what’s good in your life, on the positive aspects of your life.

And, what you Focus on, Expands.

So, start your day with Gratitude and you’ll get more of what’s good in your life.

Action: after you had a good laugh and read an awe-inspiring quote, now just take a few seconds and share with your team, one thing for which you are grateful, from the past day.

5. Self Esteem and Confidence.

Start your day brimming with confidence and high self esteem.

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

It’s great when somebody else believes in you.

But it’s fantastic when you believe in yourself.

And that’s what’s going to change your life!

The most important conversation that you have each day is the conversation with yourself, about yourself.

Love yourself, appreciate yourself, be aware of your worth and value, right from the beginning of each day, and you’ll have all the power to seize the amazing opportunities of the day and achieve your most daring dreams.

Action: After sharing what you’re grateful for, it’s time to name one thing that you like about yourself (one positive trait, a strong point…).

Yeah, it’s bragging time but more important, it’s self love, self appreciation time.

The first person that has to like and love you is you.

6. Clarity, Purpose and Focus for the day.

Start your day with a clear intention and purpose.

“What you Focus on Expands.”

Start each day with choosing what’s the most important thing that you want to achieve that day.

This will give you clarity, purpose and focus, the 3 main ingredients of achieving your goals and improving your life!

Action: answer the question “What is the most important thing that you want to achieve today? / What do you want to get out of this day?” and share the answer with your Thrive Room members.

7. Inspiration and Motivation.

Start your day fully inspired.

Action: before you end up your 10 minutes meeting, watch together a short inspirational / motivational video.

This will put you in an extremely good mood, charge you with positive energy and optimism, so you can go on and tackle the challenges of the day with the highest chances of success.

Here is an example:

Would you like to implement these 7 elements in your morning ritual?


I created a tool (it’s called ThriveRooms) that makes applying this routine extremely easy and simple, without you needing to:

  • bother searching for and convince other people to join your in applying this routine (you’ll get access to hundreds of people already understanding the value of this routine and eager to join you and do it together)
  • search for jokes, funny videos, memes, insights, quotes, inspirational videos… (it will all be provided to you each morning)

All you need to do is hit the button below and check what it is about:

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