Find a Venting Buddy ready to hear you, and get the stuff that’s troubling you off your chest

Get stuff off your chest, before it starts digging into your chest!

Anonymous & Secure

Conversations are completely confidential. No video, audio only and no recording allowed. Your identity is anonymous. You don’t have to share any personal information with your venting buddy (no name, no profile, no pictures, no video, no phone number, no email…). Here you can vent, unwind, de-stress, and feel supported…, all without anyone knowing who you are!

Judgement Free

Too often we keep things to ourselves and swallow our emotions because we’re afraid of what others might think or say about us. We’re afraid that they might see us as a burden, as complainers, whiners… We’re afraid of being judged, not understood and treated without empathy. Your venting buddy is here to provide you with a refreshing dose of empathy and make you feel supported, not judged. 

Instant Stress Relief & Instant Tension Relief

When you keep everything in, you become like a soda bottle, ready to burst at any slight issue. Venting your frustrations alleviates tension and stress. You feel better and “lighter” after sharing some perceived threat, indignity, misfortune, or injustice. It’s better for you to discharge negative emotions than to keep them bottled up inside. The immediate feelings of relief derived from such letting go can hardly be overstated.

The most important BENEFITS of venting

Venting helps you:

  unwind, de-stress, and feel supported

  release your pent-up frustration and anger, and feel calmer

  clear your mind of negative thoughts and focus on finding solutions

  alleviates tension and stress

  feel better and “lighter”

  get comfort and consolation from another person supporting and validating you

  restore your equilibrium and increase your ability to think more logically

  improve your overall emotional well-being

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